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SimCity BuildIt Cheats and Hack

SimCity BuildIt is the mobile version of your well-loved PC game SimCity. The main objective of this game is to create a bustling and thriving city of happy and contented citizens. Basically, the player is the mayor of the city. The game also has a feature wherein you could compete against the other players in the Contest of Mayors. It was developed by Electronic Arts (EA) especially for IOS and Android devices. As of writing, the game has been downloaded in Google Play by over two million users around the world.

There are three basic resources in this game. They are namely; simoleons, simcash and golden keys. A simoleon is the everyday currency of SimCity BuildIt. The citizens pay taxes using it. The buildings and other structures are built using it. Furthermore, it is also used to pay off the debts. The key to get more simoleons is to build a lot of buildings so more citizens would move in to your city and later on pay taxes. Also build recreational parks and other similar structures to keep your Sims happy. The happier your Sims are, the bigger tax they would pay. On the other hand, golden keys are used to purchase specialized buildings such as schools, hospitals and fire stations. They can be acquired by accomplishment of certain tasks. Lastly, simcash is the premium resource of SimCity BuildIt. It is primarily used to purchase premium buildings, speed up timers, buy simoleons and premium materials. It can be obtained by using real cash. However, not everyone has the capability to use real money to buy such resources. Therefore, most people prefer using SimCity BuildIt hacks and SimCity Buildit cheats tools.

SimCity Buildit hacks and SimCity Buildit cheats tools can be accessed via IOS and Android devices. It can also be accessed through a desktop or laptop. Here is a short guide on how to use SimCity BuildIt hacks and SimCity Buildit cheats tools:

  1. Go to the SimCity Buildit hacks and SimCIty BuildIt cheats tools website.
  2. Type in your SimCity Buildit username.
  3. Key in how many resources you need.
  4. Log in to your SimCity Buildit account.
  5. Enjoy!