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Dragon City Hack and Cheats

Dragon City is a social network game. The Social Point Team together with Jan Kirby developed this game specifically for Facebook. The whole objective of the game is to breed, raise and sell dragons. Unlike other Facebook games, Dragon City does not use ‘energy’ points before you could play.

There are five basic currencies and resources in Dragon City. They are namely: EXP, food, gold, gem and dragons. EXP, also known as experience points, is the gauge of how much you have progressed throughout the game. You can gain experience points by completing tasks, growing food, clearing obstacles and fighting other players.

Food, on the other hand, is what you give to the dragons for them to grow. This resource can be obtained by growing it, by buying at the dragon market and by completing tasks.

Gold is the general currency in Dragon City. It is used to expand the house and lot where your dragons live in. It can be gained through the following methods: (1) collecting from other dragons’ place, (2) winning it at various events, (3) collecting at the Dragon Market, (4) selling items at the Dragon Market, (5) asking for donation from friends and (6) winning at fights against other dragons at the stadium. Dragon Points determines your ranking among the mobile users of Dragon City in the world.

Gems, meanwhile, are awarded upon completion of other tasks. However, most people choose to buy it with real money. However, not everyone is capable of spending real money to buy gems. That is why most people resort to dragon city hack and cheats tools.

Dragon city cheats and hack can be found online. They are accessible through Android and IOS devices and also through your desktop or laptop. They are often very simple to use and effective. Here is a step-by-step guide to use these hack and cheat tools:

  1. Go to the hack generator website for dragon city cheats.
  2. Type in your dragon city username.
  3. Enter the amount of resources you need.
  4. Log in to your game account and start enjoying your new resources in Dragon City.