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Be a Royal Champion: Clash Royale Hack and Cheats

Clash Royale Hack and Cheats

The great new defense game Clash Royale, from the makers of the hit application Clash of Clans, is an addictive game of wits, skill and luck. The basic premise of the game is to beat your opponent by developing your deck. Within the game, various resources are used to enhance and expand your deck of warriors.

One of the resources, the elixir, is a replenishing resource that is built within the game with a maximum number of 10 elixir points. Its main purpose is to allow the player to put down a card in exchange for the required number of elixir for the specific warrior that you want to use.

The other two resources namely, gold and gems are the only resources that can be accumulated and acquired through the treasure boxes or through real money using in-app purchases. These resources are the primary focus of this Clash Royale hack.

Gold can be used to buy new cards and upgrade existing cards to make your deck stronger. Gems on the other hand, can be used as payment to speed up the unlocking process of your boxes. It can also be used in exchange for different special treasure boxes that can increase your chances of getting rare and epic cards as well as additional resources.

Unfortunately, the game play only allows the maximum amount of 4 treasure boxes. Each box can only be unlocked one at a time usually at 15 minutes to 8-hour intervals depending on what kind it is. It extremely limits the amount of gold or gems that a player can collect.

Through Clash Royale cheats, you can help yourself to an insane amount of gold and gems for free. Just follow these basic steps and the generator will do it all for you.

  1. Go to the Clash Royale game hack generator page.
  2. Type your username and the type of device you play the game with.
  3. Indicate your desired number of gold and gems then complete a simple task.
  4. Once the task is complete, the page will automatically update and your acquired gold and gems are now yours for free.

Go and take advantage of this service to be one of the unbeatable Clash Royale champions!